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Board Meeting

Our Board

The ARC Schools board is made up of inspiring educationalists who strive to enable schools to provide outstanding and progressive SEND education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to extend high quality Independent SEND Education to students in need. We are a progressive and ethical Independent Education provider that supports the work of a range of commission partners. We stand to make a difference, to support the work of others and to extend high quality teaching and learning to those in need.

Our aims for 2024 in numbers


New high quality specialist school places


New residential sites


new boarding and residential spaces

Meet the C.O.O

A few words from our Chief Operating Officer

If someone were to ask me (for a short introduction on a website for example) to sum up how I feel being about being the COO of ARC schools I would give one simple answer; humbled. 

I have the privilege and opportunity of leading a team of committed educationalist who are providing sustained development within Independent Specialist education. We work alongside hard working commissioning authorities to provide education to those students in need of specialist multi-disciplinary education.

I was a consultant for national organisations providing Independent Specialist Education and specialised in driving improvement relating to Behaviour and Attitudes. My personal area of interest has always been about the 'why' we do what we do, and 'how' those around us can help us to succeed and flourish.

I believe that education for students with additional needs should be 'limitless'. I support my team to never see barriers, but instead to see opportunities. Opportunities to think differently, problem solve and create incredible solutions with our students at the very centre of their journey.

David Farley - C.O.O

Organisations we are proud to work with

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